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About Orion Packaging Systems

Orion Packaging, powered by Pro Mach, is a leading manufacturer of high quality stretch wrapping machinery. We offer a complete selection of both semi- and fully automatic stretchwrapper models in three styles:

Turntable stretch wrappers for standard load types. High profile models are best for forklift loading, while low profile models can be easily loaded via electric walkie or forklift.

Rotary Tower stretch wrapping machines for difficult load types because the load sits directly on the floor and because the load does not move during the stretchwrap process.

Orbital stretch wrappers are available in many ring sizes and are best for for long product loads that can not be wrapped on a conventional stretch wrapper.

For 30 years, Orion Packaging Systems has earned a reputation for stretchwrap equipment that is built to the highest quality standards and engineered for long term reliability in even the harshest industrial environments.

Orion stretch wrapping systems are also designed to deliver ultra-high film yield to enhance the performance of any stretch film while reducing the overall cost per load. The Orion Insta-Thread film delivery system delivers film at prestretch rates up to 300% for maximum stretch film efficiency and the lowest material cost per load.

Our FLEX Series of turntable and rotary tower semiautomatic and stand-alone automatics feature our leading IntelleVue HMI, all AC motors, rugged steel construction, and the most efficient film delivery system on the market.  

Fully automatic stretch wrapping systems are available in turntable (FA) and rotary tower (MA) models so regardless of your load or environment, you'll find the right model to securely stretchwrap your pallet load. Automatic systems can be customized with a wide range of factory options to fit your precise application. With throughput speeds up to 120 loads per hour, Orion leads the way in rugged, durable and reliable stretch wrapping equipment.

Orion is powered by Pro Mach, one of North America's largest packaging machinery manufacturers. By teaming up with other Pro Mach End-of-Line divisions, complete integrated packaging systems can be ordered from one source eliminating the difficulty associated with ordering from multiple companies. Other Pro Mach End-of-Line divisions include Wexxar/BEL case erectors & sealers, Rennco vertical bagging, Brenton case packing and robotics, and Currie by Brenton conventional palletizers.

Explore Orion stretch wrapping equipment at www.orionpackaging.com


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Sustainable Solution Description
High performance powered prestretch film delivery systems assure that users get the most out of every inch of stretch film.

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