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About Toyo Styrene Co., Ltd.

Toyo Strene was established in 1998 as a professional polystyrenemanufacturer in a joint vencher company by three Japanese Chemical Companies which are Denka, Nippon Steel and Sumikin Chemical and Daicel. Since then, challenging with continuous effort to provide polystyrene to its customer with high quality performance, Toyo could get trust from its customers in its business. Not only the conventional grade but also advanced high performance grade Toyo has been challenging to develop many of them in laboratories.

Today we would like to promote three high performance grades for food packaging application, which are HMT (High Melt Tension PS for deep drawing of foamed PS), TFP (Heat resistance PS for micro wavable food package) and ESCR-HIPS (Oil resistance PS for oily food package). HMT is enable customer to thermoform deep drawing cup or bowl from foamed sheet (PSP). TFP is enable customer to use micro wave oven to warm up contents from chilled food. ESCR-HIPS is enable customer to make good quality of coffee lid to protect breakage by milk or cream.

The visitors to our booth as potential custmers, please take a look at the exsiting sample and discuss any considering applications with Toyo Styrene's staff.

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